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ZHEJIANG DAYANG VENTILATOR CO., LTD., formerly known as WENLING DAYANG ELECTRIC CO., LTD, was founded in 1998. DAYANG is an outstanding domestic high-tech company specialized development, production, manufacturing and sales of motors and fans. Widely used in refrigeration, industrial cooling, heat pump air conditioning, fresh air purification, drying ventilation and other fields.

In more than 20 years of development, the "GREEN FAN DAYOUNG SMART "as the core strategy, create professional R&D team and the CNAS laboratory. The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, continue promotes and optimize our products. With excellent quality, DAYANG win the market reputation and develop with sustainable and high quality.

Our company cooperate with the various professional team, to fully meet the needs of customers. Innovation is always the cornerstone of our success, but also the power of our continuous progress.

company philosophy

  • Pursue excellence in product manufacturing technology

  • Accelerates the speed from judgment, action to improvement

  • Harmony is the most precious, people-oriented

  • Safety and quality first

production facilities



130million revenue

20years experience

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